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Multi Business Solution

Adopt a powerful solution to manage your multiple revenue streams and enhance the customer shopping experience with new approaches.

  • Streamline sales, inventory, and business processes through a unified back-end system.
  • Customize individual store sections' till interfaces without accessing multiple back-end sources.
  • The ideal system for businesses operating in shared spaces such as grocery stores with cafes.
  • Centralize sales and inventory management while preserving the independence of each business.

Produce AI Technology

Speed up produce checkout by scanning, identifying, and selecting items, taking the guesswork out of produce identification.

  • Boost produce scanning speed and accuracy with imagery, machine learning, and lane sensors.
  • Produce placed on the self-checkout scanner scale is recognized by our Produce AI Technology, whether placed in a plastic bag, directly on the machine, or in various quantities.
  • STOREDYNAMICS Produce AI learns and improves its intelligence with each customer, enhancing your specific item database.

Robust Reporting

Simplified reporting for every grocery retailer, monitor and analyze essential sales data from any location.

  • Use your hardware to capture and analyze point-of-sale transactional data.
  • Access 20+ standardized reports for insights into customer patterns, inventory, and sales trends.
  • Easily access insights from all revenue centers through a convenient back-end solution.


Simplify grocery inventory management with the Flash-Scan smartphone app, enabling quicker inventory counts.

  • Easily manage inventory, reorder items, queue shelf labels, and assist customers with a simple click.
  • Seamlessly integrates with STOREDYNAMICS, utilizing barcode scanning for accurate real-time inventory tracking and updates.
  • Quickly conduct inventory counts to ensure meeting customer demand with ease and maintaining minimum stock levels.

Deli Scale Integration

Effortlessly transmit deli scale item information and pricing updates in seconds, establishing smooth connections between deli scales.

  • Establish smooth communication between Bizerba or Ishida deli-scales.
  • Integrate with just 3 clicks for quick management updates, saving time and reducing errors in pricing or weight calculations.
  • Streamline reporting and management of deli-scales across all locations effortlessly.
  • Enhance customer checkout experience with greater efficiency and convenience.

eCommerce Website & Delivery

Empower grocery stores of all sizes with eCommerce solutions and inventory management.

  • Integrates with Local Express, a specialized eCommerce solution for the grocery industry, simplifying online store management.
  • Efficiently set up, stock, and launch your pre-built, customizable eCommerce store.
  • Trusted by hundreds of grocers across North America, STOREDYNAMICS gives you the tools and robust features to grow your business online.

Third-Party Integrations

STOREDYNAMICS seamlessly integrates with diverse Third Party Partners, allowing you to optimize and streamline your operations.

  • Seamlessly elevate your customer shopping experience for increased satisfaction.
  • Stay on top with ease, accessing real-time reports for continuous operational oversight.
  • Tailor reporting with customizable dashboards for personalized and focused operational insights.

Electronic Shelf Label

Still using a pricing gun to manually tag each product? Leverage Electronic Shelf Labels in your store.

  • Update up to 3,000 tags within 5 minutes across your entire store.
  • Minimize the risk of human error associated with manual price changes.
  • Easy implementation of dynamic pricing strategies, promotions and provide additional product information.

Payment Processing Integration

STOREDYNAMICS gives you the freedom to choose the payment processor that's right for your business needs.

  • Choose a payment processor tailored to your business needs for seamless operations.
  • Enhance customer experience with tap-and-go feature for quick and easy transactions.
  • Ensure payment security while enjoying the benefits of semi-integrated solutions.

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